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Open link in new window


When I click on link or on picture, like on “1.jpg” , I want see a little (new) window opened, like on “2.jpg”

Lske in this site:

Please, help me & tell me how I can do this?

Thank you!

Hello @Alexandr_Santis

you’ll need to create a custom modal. Here is a tutorial on how to do that:

hope this helps! :smile:

Ok!!! thanks for answer!!!
and I can use this in pictures gallery? , in each other photo I must create modal? or not?

Hi @Alexandr_Santis, you can add any elements to the div you use for the modal. Also, this demo may be helpful:

Page Title: Custom Modal

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I dont understand anything!!! I create modal! like in demo! SO WHAT NEXT!!!
This DIV always ON, I cant see my site and he dosnt close!!!

HOW I CAN USE THIS on pictures gallery, where 200-500 photos ???

Hi @Alexandr_Santis

can you please supply us with your read-only link?

you’ll need to add each one individually using either the native lightbox widget or create your own for each. If you can supply us with your read-only link, the link makes it much easier to view and help fix the issue :smile:

Hi @Alexandr_Santis, I totally see where you’re coming from now. I was in the same position as you before and it took me a while to get used to Webflow.

(1) Webflow is a professional web design tool, so knowledge of HTML/CSS is required. You can learn Webflow without prior experience with web, but the learning curve is a bit longer (it took me almost 4 weeks of daily practice to get really good at it)
(2) From what it sounds like, the custom modal example may not be the best solution. In fact, Webflow doesn’t have a gallery that conveniently houses several hundred photos (it’s possible, but may take some time)

There are some really great web tool alternatives that can help you achieve what you’re describing. Do you have any experience building websites on other platforms?

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In this forum, allways I wait answers a few days, and I did not get it

Instead of answering, I received:
“Glad to hear from you again! :)…”
“Thank you for reaching out! :)…”

But, I dont need yours smiles!

and Only, when i click link “Not Good”, I received answers to all my questions, and always has been.

but, anyway, thank you! :smile:
“Glad to hear from you again! :)…”

One more question:

If I have 5 pictures on the page & I want to open it in Modal Window in its own window.
I must create 5 Modal Background, 5 Modal Window and add to this windows a different Big Size pictures?

And I must a change a CODE?

Hi @Alexandr_Santis, Yes, that would be correct. You would copy and paste the modal window custom javascript code 5 times, and assign a different ID to each modal window.

There are also further ways this can be optimized via javascript and if you need, a javascript developer can help you with that.


Like this:

Modal Background-2
Modal Window-2


script type=“text/javascript”>

(document).ready(function() { (’.modal-link-2’).click(function() {
('.modal-background-2').fadeIn(); }); (’.close-modal-2’).click(function() {


Hi, yes exactly, that looks good… A good test after adding the code, is to publish your site, then right click on the page and inspect element. Check the console if there are any javascript errors. If not, then the elements with the classes you have set should be be working :smile:

If you get it setup, and it is not working, let me know, I will take a look… after you do a couple of these, it is easy to make :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave

everything is good!

Thank You! Спасибо!

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