Open graph image setting not working

I’ve uploaded my logo as the open graph image and also updated my logo as the site icon but it still shows the webflow as my icon. Saved and published all the things but google still shows this when I search my site name:

Here’s a read only link for anyone who’d be willing to help: Webflow - FounderVideo

Hi Zaid, that’s not what the open graph image is for.
Google won’t try to use it for your logo. Your OG image should be a specific minimum size and aspect ratio and is used primarily when you share your link on social media.

This might help;

Thanks man!

Just to be sure. There isn’t a way to like just remove the image on the right or change the icon natively in webflow??

No, Google does not have “controls” to tell it what to display in SERPs. You give it signals through your META tags, sitemap, JSON-LD, and site content and it decides what to display. It will also display different things for different people based on region and device.

Below is what I see, and here’s some more on favicons;