Open Graph help

So I’m having issues with open graph, found older posts that had the same problem but there issues were resolved. I’m doing all the things with no luck :frowning: Image shows up fine in the preview but doesn’t work on facebook. Used the debugger, added head tag code, tried images at different sizes, still nothing. On FB it keeps pulling a seemingly random set of images from the site. Thoughts?

Are you referring to the Facebook Debugger?

Also please share a published link to the page in question for a quick source code inspection.

Sorry yes, the facebook debugger. Here’s the read-only link:

That would be where the project is published to the web.

<-- FB Debugger -->

Provided og:image URL, encountered an unknown error.

<-- FB Debugger End Snip -->

Asset loads fine in a browser. FB is borked. Maybe related to all the outages. Try adding a duplicate image and adding the dupe to the OG image value. Test that in the debugger. It does not look like a WF issue.

Yeah maybe. Okay thanks I’ll give that a shot. :+1:

I just tested the dubugger, looks like your issue is resolved.