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Dropdown issues on side nav bar

Hey! I have a side nav bar with some dropdowns for more links, but the dropdowns appear to overlap each other when they are open… see the screenshots:

Could someone tell me what settings I have wrong? I’m sure it’s something relatively simple to change…

I would simply like them to push the links below them out of the way or even hide them completely…



Here is my public share link:
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Hello, @wilsonwebguy

You will need to make dropdown list position: relative, instead of absolute.

@sabanna, that worked perfectly! Your instructions are always clear and effective. :grin:

Now, I have the case of the dissapearing mobile nav! On Tablet and below, I cannot seem to find the dropdown menu…

It may be due to having the whole page layout powered by Flex, but do you see what the issue is? I’m stuck.


The “Main nav” element has overflow: hidden setting, change it to overflow: visible and you will see all your links appear :slight_smile:

That was it @sabanna! Eventually, I’ll be as good as you at spotting these issues… eventually. :joy:

I really appreciate the help!


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Always welcome :slight_smile: And thanks for kind words.

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