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Onscroll video playback, horizontal scroll pop-up

Hey there!

I’m going to make a portfolio website, and currently choosing a platform. I want to consult if it is possible to create all the concept ideas within Webflow.

Figma prototype is accessible here:

Basic principle: the text on the right scrolls, while fixed on the left video (or png-sequence) is played on scroll. Without the scroll movement—it’s paused. “More” opens several paragraphs of text; each item in the “Selected projects” block shows the project preview over the video/gallery when you hover, and opens a pop-up window with a description and images of the project with a horizontal scroll when you click it.

So, there is a question. Is it possible to implement such element behavior with Webflow? If needed, I can consider some custom code injection.


Fixed video on scroll - possible
Project image - possible
popup - possible

Good news everything in your portfolio is possible without code :slight_smile:
Good luck if you need more help ping me on discord “mati#9475”

Thanks, Mati! I’ll try to figure it out myself first, and if I need any help—will let you know.