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Video playback synced with scroll (while page is scrolling interaction)

Im trying to create something similar to this.

A video element - background video, external video playback from a server or even vimeo or YouTube that will play based on on the mouse scroll and will be ideally controlled via the “while page is scrolling interaction” option.

I’ve seen similar posts on the forum but no answers at all. anyone has a solution for this?
This option is critical for my design.

Ive even went the hard way and broke my video into individual photos (frame by frame) changing their opacity based on the scroll to create that effect. this might work for short video but starts getting bulky and heavy when you have multiple videos (ending up with 300 frames which means 300 photos).

Any help would be appreciated and im sure a solution to this would open a world of crazy design options for webflow users!

tagging some of the users that faced a similar issue -
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Most of the scroll jacking on that site is via ScrollMagic. See ScrollMagic Demo . I used to use it with GSAP but now it’s no longer needed with the arrival of ScrollTrigger - Plugins - GreenSock. It’s not to hard to control playback of video based on scroll position. Anyway lots of options. Have fun!