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Online course with multiple video playlists from cms

Hi all,

I’ve set up a video course site that pulls video pages from the cms and displays them in a playlist. The tricky part is that there are multiple playlists- one for each module.

So I created a single collection list for each module link at bottom of the page. I’m wondering if there is a better way to organize this?

Note that in the read only link, “Ropes & Knots” is the only module set up so far.

Thanks in advance! LOOOVE webflow already.


Here is my public share link: Webflow - FNESS Exterior Ops

Welcome to the forum.

Looks great, I think you organized it perfectly. Why do you have doubts?

Hey, thanks so much for your reply!

The way it’s set up now, if you wanted to change any design element of one of the video modules, you would have to manually make that change across every module. There are 7 modules on this project, but we are planning other ones that have upwards of 20. So you can see how that would add up, especially if we needed a small change across all projects.

Anyway, thought I’d reach out and see if there was a better way to manage multiple playlists.
Thanks again!

Ok, I see what you mean. Yeah, you should create two CMS collections in that case.

  1. Modules
  2. Videos (with a reference field that points to the Module it belongs to)

That way, you can have a generic CMS page for all modules, that displays only videos that have a reference field equal to the current module.

Alright, this makes total sense.

Now I’m able to reference a video list from the modules CMS template- but I’m stuck on how to link to the current single video.

Updated link below. Appreciate your continued support here!

To display the first video, you could add a toggle field to the video collection and only display the one video that has that toggle on.

But, you’ll need a little bit of custom javascript to swap the current video when someone clicks the thumbnails on the right.

Otherwise, make the video CMS template your entry point. Displaying the current video in the center, all other videos with the same module ref field on the right. Still add the toggle field on the first video of each module so that you can filter them when you want to list your modules.

Ok, I ended up tweaking one of your suggestions above and ended up with:

  • A Video collection with all videos
  • The videos make reference to different Modules through a reference collection
  • The Module links at the bottom use External URL links that will point to the first video (bit of a hack)

Do you see any issues with this?

Thanks again!