OnClick Alternative - Adwords Conversion Tracking on Form Submission


This question is very similar to a closed an unanswered thread you can find here: Fire Adwords Conversion Tracking Upon Form Submission

The problem still remains that I can’t manage to fire a Adwords script to track a conversion when a form is submitted due to the on-click attribute being reserved but I need this functionality to effectively track Adwords campaigns success - ie my conversion is data collection when someone enters their details into my on site form. When they click submit I’d like acknowledge the conversion in Google Adwords but it isn’t possible from the other posts that offer workarounds for google conversion, they are all based on page load conversion which isn’t the best option.

I look forward to hearing from some of the contributors in this forum:

@waldo @cyberdave @vincent

Any help would be welcome, I’m stuck here.


@Waldo @cyberdave @vincent

Do you guys have any work around for this?

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I need the same - I have to track forms in Mixpanel therefore I can’t just simply use Google Tag Manager…

@Waldo @cyberdave @vincent

What I do is, go to the success modal. Add an embed block and then place the conversion code (page Load version) in there.

Have you tried this before?

Sounds like a good idea but it doesn’t work I guess - success modal is already loaded on page load therefore any embed code you put into it gets fired right on page load. Or am I missing something?

Anyone else figured this one out?

Out of interest, why do you want a conversion to register on submit button click and not a thank you page load? Interested to understand why you think the former is better?

For me a thanks page is the better option. Someone could click Submit but the form not submit because they’ve not filled the form out correctly. But you’d register a conversion right?

Try this:

$('#button_id').attr('onclick', 'your_on_click_value');

This script will put attribute in your button :slight_smile: Paste it in body section.