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Fire Adwords Conversion Tracking Upon Form Submission

I’m looking to fire a google adwords tracking script upon form submission on my Webflow site. There are two main ways to use this script:

  1. Have it fire everytime the page loads - Ex. You would use this on a “thank you” page a user is redirected to after an order/form submission

  2. Setup an OnClick event that is no longer possible inside webflow. I do not believe this workaround found here: Google Analytics event tracking for buttons in Webflow can accomplish this.

@cyberdave, I noticed that you weighed in on this thread: Google Adwords conversion code and said that other users have been able to accomplish this.

I’ve followed your instructions and have used an embed widget but no matter where you put it inside the form (through the various form states), it loads in the source. That would trigger a conversion upon page load everytime. A conversion should only be triggered upon successful form submission (although at this point, I’d settle for a conversion per button click).

Has anyone had experience with this?

Thanks in advance!



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