On IPhone with Safari: "A problem repeatedly occurred on..." the website I just published

Hi Friends
I´ve just published a website and on some IPhones (Iphone 11 pro and Iphone 12) when I try to open it, this message “A problem repeatedly occurred on…” is displayed (Im attaching a screenshot)

Im sharing here as well my read link, I hope anybody could helpe me with this strange problem.

This is the website:

Thank You :smiley:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)


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Thank you Stan,
But what can be done within the design settings to avoid this? Because I can not tell my client something like “please tell the people that they need to do this _____ so they can see your website” hehe

Is it something that has to do with the design and the safari browser?
I is it something that has to do with some of my design settings?

Thank you in advance

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hi @JaimeOrtiz1981 I can’t say as I do not have access to these iPhones and I have tested website only on 2 older versions [6 - iOS12.2 in Safari] & [Xr - iOS15.0.1 in Safari, Chrome, Firefox] without any problems after turning of content blocker.

Are you 100% positive that problem occur on any devices (v11 & v12) or it is just specific to one device. What is their iOS.

Sorry I can’t help more as there is too many variables to be able to find what is happening and solve it. I never faced problem like this. Try to narrow down variables as much as possible and after start looking where problem can be.

Did you find a solution for this. Happening to me too. On our pricing page of all pages!


Any update here? - Need the “a problem repeatedly occurred on” fixed also

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Has anyone found a solution to this? Having the same issue on two of my pages. Clearing the cache is not solving the issue

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For what it’s worth I encountered it looking at refurbished phones on the apple website

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Did anybody come up with a solution? Today I updated my iPhone to iOS 15.5 and since than I am not able to visit sites because of “A problem repeatedly occurred on…” on Safari.

While i tried to use Brave and there is another problem - the site while loading is flickering like crazy and in the end after 10 seconds it loads.

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I am experiencing the same issue right now. Has anyone found a solution yet?

Just updated to 15.5 and its also not working on my sister’s phone with the same IOS

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This seems related to phone type (Hardware version). It is also related to viewport width. When I flip my phone horizontally, I can see my site. Checking the site on my wife’s phone, it works perfectly.

I disabled javascript and that seemed to help too, but all animations and videos were borked; so, disabling JavaScript is not the correct solution.

When I had a friend check my site on his Android phone, he had no problem viewing it. So we can also say the issue is related to OS.

Please Help!

I am getting this on our website now as well. I saw that webflow recommended changing the A Records on the domain to avoid this; however, it has not helped me as my site still has issues with Safari browsers. Webflow can you please help us with a solution that works?

I have the same problem.

The page is no longer displayed in Safari, whether on the iPhone, Macbook or on the iPad. In Chrome, on the other hand, the site runs everywhere without any problems. :hot_face:

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We’re now having the same problem with our website on all Safari browsers. It’s no longer isolated to mobile only. I’ve contacted webflow, is this a platform wide issue?

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Where did you read about changing the A records, please?

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I found a notice under the project settings screen. Look at hosting and then custom domains. Webflow had a notice for me to change the A records there. You can also find the information here: Update A records to improve site load speed and reduce redirects | Webflow Features Sadly it still has not fixed the website with Safari browsers on MacOS, or iOS

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Any update on this? My site is live now and not working on the most recent IOS firmware.

I’ve also started to see this issue on one page of our site. iOS only, all browsers. As far as I can tell, it’s more likely to occur on iOS 15.5 (released 5/16/22).

Hello all!

Thanks for sharing this! :blush:

This issue has been coming up when an image on the page that is not loading has a background image tied to it. Safari does not support images with background images so that will cause a page to not load with the error “A problem repeatedly occurred on…”

Removing the background image from the image and publishing has been fixing this issue.

As this is an issue with Safari and not Webflow, we won’t be able to provide an update on when this is resolved, however our Engineers have filed a bug report with Apple.

Hope this helps!

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This reads oddly. When you say “Removing the background image from the image …” do you actually mean "remove all background images?

I have a one video as a background. I guess that’s it … ?

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