On IPhone with Safari: "A problem repeatedly occurred on..." the website I just published

Hi Friends
I´ve just published a website and on some IPhones (Iphone 11 pro and Iphone 12) when I try to open it, this message “A problem repeatedly occurred on…” is displayed (Im attaching a screenshot)

Im sharing here as well my read link, I hope anybody could helpe me with this strange problem.

This is the website:

Thank You :smiley:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)


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Thank you Stan,
But what can be done within the design settings to avoid this? Because I can not tell my client something like “please tell the people that they need to do this _____ so they can see your website” hehe

Is it something that has to do with the design and the safari browser?
I is it something that has to do with some of my design settings?

Thank you in advance

hi @JaimeOrtiz1981 I can’t say as I do not have access to these iPhones and I have tested website only on 2 older versions [6 - iOS12.2 in Safari] & [Xr - iOS15.0.1 in Safari, Chrome, Firefox] without any problems after turning of content blocker.

Are you 100% positive that problem occur on any devices (v11 & v12) or it is just specific to one device. What is their iOS.

Sorry I can’t help more as there is too many variables to be able to find what is happening and solve it. I never faced problem like this. Try to narrow down variables as much as possible and after start looking where problem can be.

Did you find a solution for this. Happening to me too. On our pricing page of all pages!

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Any update here? - Need the “a problem repeatedly occurred on” fixed also

Has anyone found a solution to this? Having the same issue on two of my pages. Clearing the cache is not solving the issue

For what it’s worth I encountered it looking at refurbished phones on the apple website