On IPhone with Safari: "A problem repeatedly occurred on..." the website I just published

to me, “Javascript on” was a cause of the problem.
when I turn it off, I can connect my website !!

Our website still have problems on Safari after 15.5 version, however nothing has helped so far.
Does anyone have ideas how to fix “A problem repeatedly occurred on”?

Hi again!

We have created a Webflow University article on this issue that should help clarify and offer other suggestions:

"A problem repeatedly occurred” error on iOS 15.5

If you’re still having issues after trying those solutions, feel free to write into Webflow Support for further assistance.



Amazing @vstark, that fixed the issue!
Cheers from our whole team!

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This is happening to my site on some of my product pages and the Webflow solutions haven’t worked. Will send in an email to Support! Example page:

it works, thank you so much sir