Old Open graph Image persisting

Is there a known issue with the Open Graph data persisting even when you change it?

I cannot seem to update the image or title, description. At least after I publish it and test it on the Webflow server. It’s not appearing correctly when I try to share it on FB.

Anyone else have this issue with Open Graph data not updating?

Hey @JFly usually OG data gets cached by web crawlers and takes a day or two to update. I’d give it a little time and then check back in a day or two to see if it’s still persisting. The dynamic OG/Meta settings will over-ride site wide OG/Meta settings (set from the site settings dashboard), but it does take a little time to propagate.

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You can run your link in the Facebook debugger to see if the right information is there.


(facepalm) Doh! Thanks guys - just found that in my further research!

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