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Og:url Open Graph Dynamic Link - How do you add this so as to query how many shares something has had?

Hello Gang, I am using on our site. Some of the share counters work and some dont on our articles. is an example of one that does

And here is one that does not

Sumo have advised me this:

've noticed there are no og:url meta tags defined on the pages you have linked to me. Share actually uses those og:url tags to lookup the exact URL & ask the social networks for the share count of that specific URL.

If you setup your og:url meta tag properly, Share will automatically read it & give you the exact number provided by social networks.

However; I cant see how I add the URL of the post in when editing the settings page of posts.

There appears to be no setting for the URL?

Do I need to add it to the < head > if so what do I add as the link? Just the root of the site? Or is there a bit of dynamic code that picks up the /posts/titleofthepostandarticle bit?

Thank you



Yes the idea you have is partial solution already. What you need to do is copy the following to the <head> area of your posts template;

<meta property="og:url" content="" />

You will then highlight the last part of the url (5-suprising-…) and click add field and select slug as shown below ;

You should end up with this and you should be good to go;


Alex, you legend thank you so much!

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Very welcome and glad it helped.