Numbers not shown in Preview / Bulllet Points shown in bold

Hey all, if i use the bullet points option in CMS it will be shown bold on the published page, also if I use numbers they will be cut off. can anyone help me out here please?


you’re using a rich text block class of “Rich Text Block” instead of the class “Article” which is pre-styled in the style guide. This is probably the cause of the bold list.

The cut-off numbered list is strange, but remove the hidden overflow and increase the left padding of the global “all ordered lists” and it should be solved.

thanks so much! i was able to solve the bullet points issue. General
For the other issue not sure how to do it. if I change the style to article it will change the whole layout. (padding etc). But would this be the way to do it? Using Article and then add padding etc to that style?

Hi Eva, you can do either.

You can just keep styling Rich Text Block as you like, or you can use Article instead in that element, or you can duplicate the Article class and make changes from there.