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Number Counter Won't Work


I’m trying to add a number counter to my site but I can not seem to get it to work.

I tried using this >> But can’t seem to make it work.

Here is my read only link >>

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hi @soulluciani,

  • Did you copy the code in the clone’s projet settings?
  • The script only works once the website is published. Do you have a published link?



Here it is

Hi, just checked. You’re missing the custom footer code in the site’s settings.

* jquery.counterup.js 1.0
* Copyright 2013, Benjamin Intal @bfintal
* Released under the GPL v2 License
* Date: Nov 26, 2013
(function( $ ){
  "use strict";

  $.fn.counterUp = function( options ) {

    // Defaults
    var settings = $.extend({
        'time': 400,
        'delay': 10
    }, options);

    return this.each(function(){

        // Store the object
        var $this = $(this);
        var $settings = settings;
      	var origValue = $this.text();

        var counterUpper = function() {
            var nums = [];
            var divisions = $settings.time / $settings.delay;
            var num = origValue;
            var isComma = /[0-9]+,[0-9]+/.test(num);
            num = num.replace(/,/g, '');
            var isInt = /^[0-9]+$/.test(num);
            var isFloat = /^[0-9]+\.[0-9]+$/.test(num);
            var decimalPlaces = isFloat ? (num.split('.')[1] || []).length : 0;

            // Generate list of incremental numbers to display
            for (var i = divisions; i >= 1; i--) {

                // Preserve as int if input was int
                var newNum = parseInt(num / divisions * i);

                // Preserve float if input was float
                if (isFloat) {
                    newNum = parseFloat(num / divisions * i).toFixed(decimalPlaces);

                // Preserve commas if input had commas
                if (isComma) {
                    while (/(\d+)(\d{3})/.test(newNum.toString())) {
                        newNum = newNum.toString().replace(/(\d+)(\d{3})/, '$1'+','+'$2');


            $'counterup-nums', nums);

            // Updates the number until we're done
            var f = function() {
                if ($'counterup-nums').length) {
                    setTimeout($'counterup-func'), $settings.delay);
                } else {
                    delete $'counterup-nums');
                    $'counterup-nums', null);
                    $'counterup-func', null);
            $'counterup-func', f);

            // Start the count up
            setTimeout($'counterup-func'), $settings.delay);

        // Perform counts when the element gets into view
        $this.waypoint(counterUpper, { offset: '100%', triggerOnce: true });


})( jQuery );
<script src=""></script>

jQuery(document).ready(function( $ ) {
delay: 100, // the delay time in ms
time: 2000 // the speed time in ms



Yeah… I tried that and its still not working… not sure why

Any other suggestions?

Hi, you need to rename your text block to something else, create a span wrap with class name counterup as the script targets a span (only wrap the digits).



Hello @ColibriMedia,

I tried on a project and it worked out great. @soulluciani if you add the span name on the code it will work for you too. But I have a question, is the code open to use? I mean it says it is copyright by Benjamin Intal . Do you know if it is free for anyone?

Hi @Pablo_Cortes,

I’m not a lawyer but if I understand GNU General Public License v2.0 it’s shareable and modifiable and owner’s info are still present as the script comment.

Not 100% sure though, you get me paranoid now.

Hahahaha @ColibriMedia, sorry man I didn’t mean to make you paranoid. I guess the GNU general public license explains it. I didn’t know you got it from Do you have the link for the actual code. Thanks.

Right here, just realized there’s an counterUp 2 now. Might worth using its new script.

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Got it, thanks @ColibriMedia. :thinking: I’ll check out the counterUp 2, thanks again. Also, sorry @soulluciani for hijacking your post. Did you get the code to work?

No… I dont know why it wont work. I must be missing something :frowning:

Strike that… I got it… Problem was that I had included the + in the span… dugh…

Thanks for the assist

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Ok great I was about to reply @soulluciani. Im glad you got it to work.

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Could plz you mark this topic as resolved?

Hi. I noticed you had some knowledge of counterups.

I have been trying to find a solution for my counterup but so far haven’t been able to get it to work.

Here is my project:

Password: twist01

The read-only:

I think it doesn’t work because it is conflicting with the intro animation I have.

Any ideas?