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Not possible: mouse-scroll and option/alt-click onto inputbox 'reset' value

@Lindapham : problem interface:

  1. The new navigator is very nice but i miss the mouse-scroll into an inputbox
    This because I’m used to use scroll also into Adobe software a lot! for example Photoshop
    also posted here: Add input: not only with alt+click-left/right: ALSO with value with actived mouse SCROLLWHEEL please
  2. The reset value does not work into a popup of the box-model: option/alt+click should work also into the popup (printscreen was made from )

sometimes I wonder why it is so simple but should I post this problems or not… it should make life much easier… but webflow is the best already offcourse!

thanks to make webflow always better!

Mod Edit - Not a bug. Changed topic to feedback.

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