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Noob needs help

Hello - I am new to Webflow and trying to wrap my brain around a few of the concepts. How do I make changes to each platform - desktop, tablet, mobile, etc. - without the changes affecting the others? Is that possible?

For example, I want a line of copy in a paragraph to break on mobile, but not on desktop.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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the changes always go down, like:

Desktop → tablet → mobile.

So whatever you change for the desktop breakpoint changes in the tablet & mobile and anything you change for tablet changes in mobile but not desktop.

Anything you change for mobile however, won’t change for tablet & desktop, and everything you change for tablet will only change for mobile :slight_smile:

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That’s what I thought, but when I change the break point in the paragraph text on mobile layout it is changing it on desktop? Is it just being glitchy?

Ah, sorry, didn’t see that question.

I think paragraph breaks actually does change upwards. You do have the “breaking” settings for text elements to play around with though:


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