Noob alert—can I still alter and change design to a website whilst client is hosting an early landing page version of this site?

Hello there,

I have a question relating to a website I’m going to be building for a friend.
I’m a graphic designer who’s learning Webflow, currently only have a free account but will upgrade to be able to have more site/host soon.

My query is this…

My friend is a jeweller and I will eventually be creating a website with a shop.

However, they have an event quite soon which it would be great to have a landing page/simpler version of the site that she can point people towards and collect people’s emails—it is too soon for me to have the full site ready.

I’ve searched this forum and YouTube videos and, apologies in advance for the noob question but I can’t figure this out.

The question:

Will I be able to set them up so that they will be hosting this early version of the website,
and still be able to work on it and change it later.

I’m worried that the ‘hand-over’ needs to be final, making this idea impossible.

Any advice on how to go about this would be very much appreciated.

confused noob.

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