Why are NONE of my buttons working when live? :(

None of my buttons are working on my site. I believe it has something to do with my menu, but I really am at a loss now. Would really appreciate some advice. Haven’t slept in so long trying to figure this out. I also noticed on my life, the menu will load first and blink then go to the homepage, like a loading glitch.

Thank you!

Read only works : Webflow - Diego

Live does not work: diegochicago.com

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK]1
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I imagine it is because your nav is never actually hidden, it is just transparent, but it is always on top of your content which means it’s covering up all of your content and therefore links - once you hover over anywhere in your read-only, you’ll see that you are actually hovering over your menu links. I suggest setting the nav to display none and then setting it to display block and changing opacity in your interactions. Hope this helps!

Thanks for the clarification, because I thought it was a problem with the browser.

you were so right! it was a flex issue! Thank you sooo much!

Now I’m having the issue of when my page loads, the menu appears for a moment and blinks before it goes to the actual page. What a head ache this menu is. Any thoughts on how to fix this? Thank you

Here’s a video example: 2023-05-14.03-33-17.344.bb01c732-2afe-43dc-b83b-f1327e300878.2304-1296.mp4 - Google Drive

Read only: Webflow - Diego