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No option to "bind" CMS items when creating Collection Page

I’ve created a CMS that I want to use to create a collection page. When I drag any new elements on to the canvas, it doesn’t give me the option to link that content to the CMS.

Here is my public share link:
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Hey @thom, based on your screenshot, you’re on a static page.

CMS elements can only be accessed through the CMS template pages (those pages are purple, and show up at the bottom of the page list under ‘CMS Collection pages’).

Since it looks like you’re using MemberStack, you have the option to access some of the data from MemberStack and show it anywhere on your Webflow site using the ms-data attributes. (See more about that here).

Hope this helps!

  • Mackenzie

Thanks @MackenzieChild that makes perfect sense. The ms-data attributes is what I was missing, I was trying to do this in Webflow, but I think Memberstack will allow me to do it for individual accounts, so thanks for pointing that out!

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