Next section button / anchor

I’m looking to have a floating button that when clicked will scroll to the next section down the page.

I have the ui and a temp anchor link set up here

I have tried multiple anchors, or do i switch the button at each section, or is there a simpler way with some custom code to achieve this, any ideas welcome.

There would likely be 3-5 sections that i just want to scroll down too in turn.


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Yep, just switch to a duplicate button for each section. It’s just like links, a menu link should only go to one page or section. So simply fade or hide the first after clicked, then repeat. But you will need to hide all the others in the same interaction list. And you’ll need a separate interaction for each section button. Just like you need a new link for a page or section. You’re just stacking instead of lining up side to side.

Hope that helps :slight_smile: :smiley:


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Great, thats what i was thinking, was wondering if there was a JS way to scroll through but this would work

Yep! Holler back if you get stuck :slight_smile: Take care.