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Next/Previous page buttons for dynamic lists?

Hi everyone,

I’m new to the forum so I apologise in advance if this has already been asked before, I’ve had a snoop around and can’t seem to find anything on the topic.

My problem is I have limited my cms blog posts to display 9 items per dynamic list. However, I plan on having more than 9 blogs - Is it possible to add Next/Previous page buttons to show Older/Newer content I have posted?


If I am understanding what you’re trying to achieve, you could do it with the slider. Of course, you can’t use next and previous right out of the widget, but you could probably find some custom code to stylize the first and last buttons.
Would that work?


Hi @ctotty, thanks for your response.

I have no idea, I’m a designer with very basic coding knowledge so I tend to stay away from anything involving coding manually, unless I have clear instructions to follow.

At the moment I am doing it manually by placing dynamic lists (9 posts in each) on separate static pages and linking each with buttons. But doing it this way I will have to create a new page every 9 posts and also face the problem of reaching the page limit on my personal plan quickly.

I wonder if there is a way to achieve this through a creating a collection somehow? If anybody has any ideas please share.

As long as you are okay with not having “next” and “previous” but just having numbered buttons as well, I do believe the slider would work, and it would all be on one static page. Here’s how I would do it:
Create one static page with a slider that fits the area where you want your blog to appear.
In slider pane 1, put in a dynamic list of your blogs and in the settings panel, start it at 1 and limit the total number in that pane to 9.
In slider pane 2, put in a dynamic list of your blogs, and in the settings panel, start it at 10, and limit the total number to 9.
In slider pane 3, list, start at 19, limit it to 9.
And so forth.

Now, you can only have 20 collection lists per page, so take that into consideration, but when you get to the end of your collection limit, you could just link to another page with another slider like this one.

Hope this helps!