Newbie positioning question

Here is how the position of the text to right of the colored squares looks in the Webflow designer:

Here is how the text looks in the published website:

What settings for the text blocks do I need to change to make sure the text stays a fixed distance from the colored rectangles, regardless of the width of the browser window?


Here is my site Read-Only: [Webflow - Data Viz Guidelines]
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Welcome @beam Please could you provide a Read-Only link to your project so we can have a look?

Just posted it above. Thanks.

Hi @beam I would set your column Display to Flex layout and then a Justify of End (see screenshot). This will keep your image to the right which you can then add padding/margin as desired.

Hope this helps. If you need anything more, don’t hesitate to ask or PM me.

Thanks for your help, @WisdomainUK. That does fix the spacing issue between the color blocks and the text to the right. Is there anything I can do to tie the position of the text to the right to the color blocks? When the screen becomes too narrow the different elements go a bit wonky.