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Newbie : can't get the scroll nav showcased in tutorials to work properly

Hi there,
Great job you’ve done with webflow.
Trying to have a Navbar displayed once the top section of the page is scrolled off screen, as showcased in the “Nav Appears As You Scroll” tutorial. My problem is i can’t even get the steps demoed in the tutorial to work.
See for yourselves :
There actually should be a navbar…
Quite confused as i’m doing exactly as showcased. What on earth am i doing wrong ?
Silly question i know but it’s driving me mad (i tried at least 3 times : each time striping the page from elements down to a three colored sections page).

Thx for any light you can shed on my newbie mistakes.

Hi @annabelr Please share your public link for us help you easier. You can enable it from Site Settings. Once you enabled it copy and paste it here.

Sorry :wink:

Here it is :


Hi @annabelr

I created a ‘version’ that works, you can modify as you feel fit.


Have a look at the above screenshot,

Scroll into view reads as follows;
Move up 62px
Display None
Offset to 50%

Scroll out of view reads as follows;
Move to origin
Opacity set to 100%

Hope that helps

edit: Here is a GIF of it in action.

@annabelr You missed to set Fixed position for your navtop. And since you have nothing but small text on it you may want to set 100% width.