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New Website with Foxycart and Site Search

I’m proud to announce that MODdisplays just recently launched our new site utilizing Webflow and Foxycart.

Please check it out. Feedback welcome.

MODdisplays Website


Thanks for sharing! Amazing work! Love all of the customizations you made to the Foxy templates, along with product variants with Webflow’s CMS.


Great website! Webflow and Foxy are a perfect match.

I’m developing a similar project, mind if I drop you a DM with a few questions?


Ask away and I’ll help to the best of my ability. I’m quite the novice with Foxycart, but Foxycart’s technical support was great and they were able to guide me or provide me with code to meet my needs.

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Very nice indeed.
I used Foxy on one site and I found it all a bit complicated, but it worked in the end and, as you say, the support is excellent.

Hi @Hywel.
Thank you for your feedback. For what it’s worth, we’re working on an entirely new knowledge base that will walk Webflow users through detailed video and textual tutorials.

Glad things worked out in the end for you, but that’s not good enough. Thanks for hanging in there while we work to make things easier.



Impressive response, Josh. That sounds cool.

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Amazing work, I really like Foxy it is the only good way to use it in webflow for checkout… also I would like to ask you how you made this option list that affects the price?