New User and Could use some help Breaking down a Site

I’ve been learning more about Webflow after muse announced that it was shutting down and Squarespace (where my site is currently hosted) isn’t offering me the flexibility I’m looking for. My question is this: I’ve been looking at other websites on the Webflow showcase and this particular site has elements I’m interested in recreating. When I look at the Webflow version, I legit have no idea how they created the interactive effect. ( click and then it slides open). Even after looking at interactions, none of them seem to link to any element in the cards. Can someone please point me in the right direction of dissecting this site.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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They are using interactions. You can learn about them here.

Webflow is extremely powerful and therefore has a pretty steep learning curve. I suggest watching a bunch of tutorials from that site on many topics before jumping in. I think I spent like 100 hours of videos before I built my first site. But it was well worth it! Good Luck and welcome to webflow!

I appreciate the quick response. I’ve definitely been looking up interactions but the issue im having is seeing how or where they are applied in this particular example. When I go into the card and check the interactions, none seem to be applied to the assets.