Horizontal Accordion? Geo tutorials?

Hi, so I’m new to webflow and I have absolutely become mesmerized by the following webflow sites.


I’m psyched to jump in, but I don’t even know where to start or what to do to break these sites down so I can understand them. It seems like it’s just a bunch of triggers; but everything seems so organized.

Anyways, those two sites seem super popular, so I was wondering if anyone was aware of any tutorials on how those were put together. Or any hints as to the direction I need to go if I would like to learn how to do something similar.

Thanks so much!


Hi @Slim_Sadie

You are definitely not the only one mesmerised by them!

As they are showcased, it is possible to ‘open in webflow’ from the showcase link where you most likely found them. From there, you can see the designer view, and look at how things are structured, which interactions have been used etc

Unless of course @joaopaulots is able to provide some pointers for you :slightly_smiling_face:

@Slim_Sadie Ive been trying to find the same thing. A tutorial on this would be great!