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New Map Widget!

Have you ever tried integrating a Google map into a Webflow site? Chances are it wasn’t a very good experience. Well we have some good news!

####GIF me!

With the new map widget, you can now easily add a map, change the map’s default location, and style it appropriately.

We hope you like our new feature and let us know if you have any feedback!


Map widget protip!

Offset the marker’s center point by giving the map some padding:

This means each breakpoint can have a separate offset as well! :scream:



Is anyone else having any problems with the Map tooltip? I’m not able to go back and edit any of them and have those edits show up on the updated map.

I can change the address with no problem. It’s just the tooltip text that’s not updating for me.

Hmm interesting! Will check into this and see what might be causing the issue.

Thanks @danro. It may just be me as I have been know to goof things up on more than one occasion.

Thanks @Ant, totally not your fault. We made some recent changes, and the map tooltip field somehow evaded our eagle eyes. It should be working now if you reload!

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Cool! I was going to ask about this… Thought it was me. :blush:

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