New feature: Rich Media embeds in the Rich Text Editor

@DanUK1 Perhaps there is a good reason they did that. I’m sure if the other things were ready they would.

This is for CMS I believe, not page design.

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I am integrating SoundCloud with the CMS and I can’t seem to change the type of widget.

I can only get this working if I were to implement this with an embed control

The settings tab needs to be extended somehow -

All of this could be solved if we were just given the embed control in the CMS :confused:
I also cannot seem to make it responsive on smaller devices (change the width to 100% on mobile, else 60%)


Just tested a Libsyn podcast episode in the CMS, which does not work. Soundcloud is one option if you are a podcaster, but for those of us invested in Libsyn, we still can’t use Webflow for our podcast websites.

Is there any way to get a libsyn podcast episode in a CMS post? Need that embed option for the CMS!

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Hey all I really love the update (esp. the investment in using Embedly, it’s a cool service!)

Unfortunately for me though, I am stuck in the same spot as before, because the services I need to add custom-code for are no supported.

For one site, each collection-template needs an Eventbrite embed (to buy tickets on site)

And for another site, each collection-template needs a payment popup using Celery (

I am wondering:
a) Is the a custom-code workaround?
b) Why haven’t you opened this up to custom code embeds? By the looks of the comments above, and limitations I am still having after this update, it seems like something everyone wants (and a function that makes sense in general).

As always, love the work! Just wanting to figure out a solution here!


In fact what would be amazing here, is if you changed Template Collections, so that if you drag a custom-code embed, it’s unique for every template page.

As currently, if you drop a custom code embed and add a bit of code, it reflects on ALL of the other pages. If only it affected the individual page only, that would fix this quite well.

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@aidz @gksargent @johnnymitch

Dynamic Custom Code Embed is coming… soon. :wink: We hear ya.


Badass! :slight_smile: Good to hear it’s in the pipeline!

I hate asking—but—any vague ETA? :wink:

It sound great!

Though I’m unable to push the button? It’s like a dead button to me? I use the newest version of Chrome

Great features! As for imgs gallery, may I suggest look forward for something like fotorama (has own API)? Much more responsive native gallery, insteed of imgur. Would be really great. Just wonder :slight_smile:

bangs hands on table

Please, pretty please (and I know what it’s like working in your kind of environment) could you give a rough (rough) estimation of when dynamic custom code embed will become available?

I’ve been waiting to move forward with building a site for weeks that will hinge entirely off this functionality. Having some kind of timeframe in mind would really help as to the planning of it.

Many thanks

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We’re in the final stages of this feature so “very soon” would be an accurate estimate. :smile:


Whoooooh! That’s really awesome news :slight_smile:

Yes!! I really need to be able to embed custom code within my dynamic post.


Hey guys just wondering if we are close?

If so I can really, finally, get rid of doing WP conversions for MLS realestate and ecommerce sites!


Yeah SUPER eager for this!!

For anyone that wants a quick, hacked fixed. We’ve recently used some custom JS to find the URL of a page, and conditionally show / hide elements by ID:

Finally they did a release!!! Boom

I’d just like to praise you guys for implementing the dynamic embed code - it is and will work wonders for me.

Pro tip: You can’t insert the entire custom code in one paste in your Collection then add that as a field to the embed block. Instead, you need to paste your custom code into the HTML portion of the embed block, then replace the specific dynamic elements of the code (such as a video ID, for example) with fields that reference your CMS.

Thanks again, Webflow!


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Trying insert an embed from NPR into the Rich Text section on ONE of my blog posts. It says that the link is not supported when I try to insert into the Rich Text , Rich Media.

I know that I can add it in on the actual page design using the embed widget, but then it ends up on all of my blog posts and I need it to be in the body of the text!

Please help—post is supposed to go live today!

I am working on the “What if procrastinating could make you MORE creative?” post.

@thesergie — any thoughts?