New feature: one-click Collection Item creation

Sometimes, when you’re in the early stages of a design, you just need a few Collection Items to test your layouts.

And (till now), that meant creating a Collection, then an Item, then reproducing that Item a few times, copying and pasting content into one Field after another.

Well, we decided there was a better way to do that: the Duplicate button.

So now, once you’ve created a Collection Item, just click Duplicate to create a new Item with all the same content preloaded. We’ll append “Copy” to the end of the Item name and slug to help keep things straight.

You’ll find the new Duplicate button in the Designer’s Collection Item creation UI, right alongside Archive and Delete:

Once you click it, you’ll jump into the new Item:

And it works just the same in the Editor, which can be handy if you need to create a number of pages with similar content:

Enjoy the faster workflow!


Thanks, i was just wishing you had this feature 20 min ago!


Thank you, guys! You are the “Dream team” :smiley: :clap:


I see DUPLICATE in dynamic collections <3

Thank you guys. This is gonna be a lifesaver :wink:

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…and it just keeps getting better. Thanks guys.

Yes! I was in need of this about three thousand times already.

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It’s funny how you sometimes think of improvements but thinking “no, nobody wants that, it’s never gonna be implemented anyway…”. And then, there it is, nice and simple :grinning:


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what about also adding a “fill with random content”-button? first you create your collection fields and after creating an item you can let webflow randomly add lorem ipsum content / numbers / colors / switch states / … . :sunny:


Thats was in my dreams as well =) Would be a really fast prototyping tool. I added a plugin to Sketch for that, work ok. To have in Webflow would be awesome.

Great Feature thanks Webflow Team!

This is fantastic, next step… CSV upload… pleeeeease. I’ve got oodles of data to upload to collections. Mainly, 15,000 products.

This is great! This was on on my wishlist, thanks!

YESSSS. Been waiting for this one for a while. Definitely not just a light feature!

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Awesome! I think including the random fill of fields with real copy, names, photos, maps, etc, is the next logical step - Photoshop already have this with a plugin from InVision (I think?).

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Yes but it’s not the best thing Invision did. There’s only a few options so you’re always going to miss from a few things to more than half your things. And even if you can point some of the plugins to your own data sets, it’s far from being ideal because you’ve got to prep them beforehand. Lacks control. (Also a giganormous UI but that’s another topic).

There is also a Shopify plugin for Setch (among others I’m sure)

If you want to address data-populating, you can do it very good. By plugging on existing tools or get inspiration from them. For example, a CSV type dataset generator such as

Also, you can address the "design reality"in the process, ie how it’s better to design with real content rather that things that don’t make sense. By using a “real” dataset, one that’s plausible and as close as possible to your topic, you’ll be obliged to deal with reality of the data, lenght of titles and names, pictures that don’t necessarily match together, etc…

Here I wanted to link to a site where you can download full databases of plausible content for Wordpress, that I have seen a few years ago, but I can’t seem to find it again :frowning:

There are plugins to generate “dummy” content but I don’t know how good they are. My point was to make the “dummy” content a lot less “dummy” and a lot more plausible.

A lot of my work when designing is gathering real or plausible data. At the beginning of a project, I open a shareable document (below shows a paper.dropbox doc that I share with clients), and I gether and ordonate content in it.

(Sorry I have to blur that it’s not public)

Awesome! Keep it up guys.

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Absolutely agree with Vincent 100%. A CSV import very much needed and then we can use the suggested tools.

Awesome information, Vincent, thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

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