New Experience Page Tool on Google Search Console

Hello there!
Days ago Google launched in Google Search Console a new tool named Page Experience.
And it seems Google will change the algorithm in June and they will consider these metrics to rank the pages.
The problem is I have worked hard to correct the Core Vitals errors, and it would be impossible for me using Webflow for our site. In Google Speed Test appears the big problem is “Eliminate render-blocking resources” and in Google Search Console, appears: “LCP issue: longer than 4s (mobile)”
Is anyone with the same problem? Any thoughts?

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same issue here. LCP looks to be a major issue across many of my clients’ sites. Other than minimizing image size using tools like, and minifying CSS, HTML and JS in Webflow project settings… I am not sure what else to do. Best practices and guidance from Webflow on this would be great. Many of my clients’ Webflow sites are scorrig terribly in Google Search Console.

I am having the same problem. I’d love some Webflow guidance.

My research at Google suggested using more up-to-date image formats instead of jpg and png. Those are fairly easy to fix, but I don’t see how I can impact the “Eliminate render-blocking resources” error.