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Nested collections help

Hi all,

Disappointingly I understand there is no nested collections feature for Webflow CMS. I’ve come across some workarounds but I’m not sure if they will work for my website. Would appreciate some guidance :pray:

I’m investigating migrating the content from an existing Wordpress site to Webflow. No issue downloading the CMS content and uploading to Webflow. The issue lies in the CMS structure and how that can be replicated in Webflow.

The site has a features section which is set up with a tiered/folder structure:

  • > List of feature categories (.../features...)
  •     > List of features within category (.../feature-category...)
  •         > Feature page (.../feature...)

The goal is to:
A) Import all content via CSV upload
B) Maintain URL structure of the existing site
C) Have a breadcrumb nav for each feature page
D) Have everything set up so that a non-developer can make changes without too much issue

From what I understand I can’t achieve B without creating separate collections for all 11 feature categories. I also don’t think it’s possible to put a list (collection list) of features on each feature category page that is determined by the collection item (appropriate collection list on a collection list item).

I’m a huge fan of Webflow and would love to use it as the solution for our new site, the alternative sadly is staying with Wordpress and likely not migrating until we do another redesign in several years from now :’(

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @Tsering, welcome to the forum :webflow_heart:

This structure is not yet available to build in Webflow without custom code.

*But… I can whisper in your ear that the nested collections feature is in beta testings :smiley: ! (no idea when it will be released)

This article might help

Webflow - How to Achieve Nested Collection Lists in a One-to-Many CMS Relation