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Nest a CMS Collection into a CMS Item

In short: Can you somehow reference a collection to an item that sits within another collection.

A venue can have many rooms , but a room can only have one venue The desired UX is:

  1. User sees list of venues
  2. User clicks on a chosen venue
  3. User lands on venue item page where they see a list of rooms associated with that venue
  4. User clicks on a chosen room

User lands on room item page


Hi @fidoandpatch Matt,

At this time Nested collections Is only available as a Wishlist item:

It is currently in the planning phase. I can say that 2020 is a year of exciting announcements. What they will be or when they will be I do not know.

You can sorta get around this by using MixItUp: [TUTORIAL] MixItUp3 - Filtering, Sorting and PAGINATION

There are also some new things coming from this in the future as well.

I wish I had better news for you but that is all I have at this time.

Best Regards,
~ Brandon

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Hi, @fidoandpatch!

I would go with setup:

  1. Collection of Rooms
  2. Collection of Venues
  3. Each room has a reference to Venue collection
  4. Each Venue has a multi-reference to the Room collection

Then you can put Collection list of Venues on the page. Link inside the Venue item can lead to the Venue page.

On the Venue template page you can put the Collection List and bind it to the multi-reference field, that will pull the collection of Rooms that are associated with that Venue.

As @WebDev_Brandon mentioned, currently you would not be able to reveal the list of Rooms inside the Venue List item that is on the static page as a collection list. The Nested Collection feature is not available yet.



now that we have nested collections… it seems they can not be sorted.
Is there a workaround to sort nested collections?

Cheers, Bruno

Hi Bruno,

At this time, the sorting functionality is only for top-level collections. The first rendition of the NCL system was to provide the function. We are working on upgrading the NCL system for a more robust use case. Unfortunately, that release timeframe is not known yet.

Have a Great Day and Happy Designing,
~ Brandon

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Grrrghhh. Still no Sort in a nested collection? So many threads on here are going cold or unanswered. Is anybody working at Webflow? Is anybody picking up these forum posts? I’m kinda getting Deja-Vue (Adobe Muse) all over again. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Unfortunately, still no sorting functionality in Nested collections.