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Form Data Url not tracking?

Hello there,
My client wants to track the url that a form is submitted on, or track what CMS item is responded to.

While I have {{formDataUrl}} in the form submission section of the forms data to collect, nothing happens.

The user path is as follows:
go to resources, choose a case study or white paper.
click on the link to see the content.
Go to dyanmic page. Read the top, but as soon as you scroll it fades out of view, and you are requested to fill out form and download to keep reading.
Once you have submitted name, email, company and phone number, you get a success message with the PDF link.

I need the form to capture the URL that this popup happens on, OR attach the name of the dyanmic page to the form somehow.

I thought it would suffice to just reference the dynamic page URL, but it will not show up in the form submissions or the CSV.

I’m at a loss right now, usually I can figure things out like this without going to a third party but it does not seem to be working. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi, @Natalie_LeRoy! I dealt with this myself recently. So, the easy way to do this is to add an html embed element into your form and use code similar to what you see below. Just replace value with your clients web address and then add the slug in using the dynamic tools available. Then, select the Embed and make it hidden (display: none;). Now your form will spit out the web address of where the form was filled out. Does that make sense? Happy to make a video if need be!

<input type="text" class="input w-input" name="Your Name" data-name="Your Field Name" value="" id="your-id" required="">

Riley! You saint. I will try, and let you know if I need the video. Thank you!

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Happy to help! :smile:

Hello! I just found this as I’m trying to figure out the similar thing.

The client would like to track in GA one a form has been submitted. Anyway, you can please provide the steps on how to do it via video?

Thanks so much!

Hi, @mdominguez07!

I made a quick video to show you how to accomplish this. Hopefully this helps. If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to reach out!