Need some help trying to embed audio waveforms for my downloadable songs into Webflow, hopefully leveraging CMS

I’m trying to embed my music stems into my webflow website here: Webflow - Bidness 2.0

Each song in my CMS has around 1-12 audio stems that I’d like to dynamically render into audio waveforms that people can download very similar to Musicbed

I’ve discovered Wavesurfer.js ( and found this community webflow project here that uses it that is not working for me for some reason. The audio waveform, track name, and time remaining in the audio file are not responding.

Community File:

My site where I will be putting the audio stems:

Any insight will be highly appreciated! :orange_heart: I’m basically trying to create my own little free downloadable music library for folks who like my music and want to remix it or reuse parts of songs but I wanted to make sure it was scalable and easy for me to upload the parts of the songs using the CMS but engaging using the audio waveforms generated with wavesurfer.js.

I got the same problem… following that community file but didn’t get it to work properly.

Did you get wavesurfer to work in any ways? I too wanna display music waveforms from cms.