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Need some help on where to begin for a realtor website


I’m trying to help a realtor use Webflow for her website. She currently has a mediocre site with another hosting platform. A key element I want to keep is the video background that you can see on the current site here:

I’m honestly stuck even figuring out where to begin in terms of picking a template that has a video background (for desktop; mobile can be static) and can mimic some of the elements of her site.

Any tips on how to get started and make sure whatever template I use can do video correctly? Thanks in advance!

I’m pretty new to Webflow so I can’t be of too much help. But you might check these out:

New feature: the background video component
Hero image/video technique

Even though I always advocate creating custom designs for client work (builds skills and confidence), you can take a look at the Webflow Market Place HTML5 responsive website templates | Webflow.

The templates there could be always be tweaked to your needs. @WebDevCali