Need Interaction Help

Hello Everyone,

I havent been able to figure out how to make my interactions a one click exit and need your help.

If you click “call me” you will see I have created a light box.

The issue is you have to click the X twice for it close. How do I make it so its just one click for the user?


Thanks for your help!

I haven’t followed the link but you probably either have set the same 2 clicks interaction to 2 elements or 2 2 clicks interactions.

So depending on the order of the clicks, one or both your elements end up waiting to close something when the user is going to want to close it.

The good practice is to make 2 one click interactions. One for the opening of the popup, one for the closing. So don’t define a “second click” because when you do that the interaction hangs there and wait for a second click, hence never get reseted to its original state.

So 2 interactions without a second click. The opening one to the open popup link and the second one to close the popup.

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Hi @jwtechdev,

Currently you have 2 interactions, there must be 3.

  1. Popup wrapper
  2. Call me button
  3. Close popup

This video tutorial will show you how it’s done correctly

Hope it helps.

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Thanks @nwdsha and @vincent!

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