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Need help with status bars

Hello, could some explain can I create the status bars as on picture?

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You mean graphically only? Or you need them to be animated, to grow from the left and have the digits numbers increment on the way?

In Webflow you can design this, graphically. You can also animate the bars, making them grow, but you’ll need Javascript to make the numbers change along the animation.

(On a totally side note, this way to present skills, with percentages, is sort of a trend in HTML templates often used to create landing pages for companies and individuals. And in my opinion (and some of a lot of people) it’s a bad idea to fall for this trend, it doesn’t carry a positive message. Your picture here can totally say “In 25% of the cases, we will let you down with your Wordpress website”. This way of %aging things come from a well known and effective way to make people engage more with a website (like the “your profile is 80% filled, gain access to x by reaching 90%”. So it’s supposed to be an incentive for users to engage more. Used to depict skills, the risk is giving an incentive to the viewers not to work with you.)