Need help with some n00bie questions

Hey guys,
In my first few weeks of using webflow and using it as a test to see how quickly I can get a responsive portfolio site up and running. Have managed to stumble into most of the answers I’ve been seeking, but am stumped on a few things for sure. Webflow site link:

Wondering if any seasoned folks could help me get through a few of these things:

  1. The template I’m using has a hamburger menu, but my portfolio is so simple I’d rather just have the links appear in the nav bar without being hidden behind an extra click. What’s the best way to turn this into a standard set of links

  2. This one seems pretty basic, but what’s the best way to re-order projects as they appear in the homepage grid (or have them order by a field I can control, such as date modified)?

  3. I have my homepage project grid set in a 3-col grid that’s full width - but for some reason the middle col is getting squeezed so that it’s (just) notably smaller than the outside images. I’m almost positive this came from a style I created, but not sure of a better way to make it work without losing the full-width part (which I’m pretty attached to). Suggestions?

  4. Is there a way to specify styles for Rich text elements (in dynamic-content generated posts)? Eg. could I give the images in only dynamic rich-text sections a certain set of padding styles that wouldn’t affect other images on the site?

I really look forward to getting a bit faster with this tool and it seems like once you get past a certain learning curve it could be really empowering as a designer who knows just enough code to create/adjust only the more basic aspects of HTML/CSS. Apologies if any of these are redundancies or this is posted in the wrong place. Thanks!

Read-only link please?

Whoops, sorry! -

Hello and welcome to Webflow!

  1. if you select the hamburger icon and go to the settings tab you’ll see this slider. Just drag it to the right for links only. Keep mind mind you might want to keep the hamburger icon for mobile or your links will not look very good.

  2. in the dashboard you can sort by 3 options:

  3. I kind of see what you mean but I can’t find any style that is controlling that. It may just be the CMS style that’s set by default.


I recommend watching ALL of the tutorial videos on and on the webflow youtube page. I didn’t even start messing around in webflow until I watched all of those and I became quite fluent after watching them. Good Luck!

Thanks for the tips!
One thing that I don’t think translated to what I meant:

#2 - The order of projects I was referencing was in regards to projects within dynamic content on my site, not the order of projects I’ve created in Webflow. (see screenshot). Do I need to have paid for the CMS to do this?

In the meantime, I’ll definitely push through some/all of those video tutorials to see if I can find what I need. I’m certain I’ll also have some questions about launching to an existing (and already hosted) URL, but not sure I’ll need to navigate that till a bit later this week. I’ll also double check for stuff about that in the tutorial videos. Thanks again for your help!

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