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Need Help With Slider

Hello, I am needing help with a full width slider. I’ve been reading and watching tutorials but can’t seem to figure it out. My issue is with it being responsive, the first 3 views look ok but the phone site is not responsive.

The latest thing I have tried is, I started with a template that had a slider on the home page. The 3 pictures included in it look great and it looks great on every break point. So I selected the first slider, went to the background image and literally replaced it with my own photo, and it looks terrible on the phone site! I didn’t change any settings, just replaced the photo with my own.

I’m wondering if it’s somehow my photo? I did mine in photoshop, the document was 2000 x 900 I believe, saved it as a jpg.

Thank you for any help anyone can give me, I’m at a loss to figure this out. Hopefully I’ve put the correct link down below.


Here is my public share link:
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What are you trying to achieve with the look? On the phone you have a height set so the slider is trying to fill the screen. If you wan the full slide to show then you have to remove the height on the SLIDER property and set to auto then it will fill the whole width of the phone



Oh my gosh, Jeremy, thank you sooooo much! I forgot to change the size when I got to the other break points. Obviously I’m new to Webflow, I totally forgot to make changes as I go down to the other sizes.

Thank you for your quick response, that worked perfectly!


You are most welcome Annette. That’s what the forum is for. Welcome to the community.