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Need help with flexbox layout design

Not sure if this is a bug but think so. I am new so bear with me. I was viewing tutorial and the presenter had flexed his image (an icon not a pic, so may not have been .img, not sure) as I was following along I found I could not repeat the same commands with an error message saying “flex display has no effect on img elements”. Tried to check if he was flexing the div block but appears he was flexing the image he loaded as he gave it a class name of “image”. I also gave my image a class name. Thank you in advance for any help. I will move on to another page style for now. Look forward to hearing from someone…

Hi @rjbiccum, are you referring to the section of that video from 3:14 in the recording? In that case the flex is applied to the image parent div.

If you are having some design question, it would really help to share the read-only link to your site:

Let us know the page the layout is on and if possible a screenshot of your layout and we can help to take a look.

Thanks in advance!

Thank you, not too good at keeping up, apologies for the very delayed response. I am getting a handle on some things. BTW, the share button next to the publish button listed in the tutorial doesn’t look like the one on my site. Perhaps it was changed on a new release. Can I just copy and past the URL? I do have a question about sliders. I came across a website (not webflow as far as I know) but it was terrific. Looks like they have slider background and content elements on top like the navbar and buttons and text. See it here My site URL for webflow is here: and the published site is here: I have made the page I am working on the “Home Page” hope that helps. So to be clear, I am looking at having the slider run in the background behind the content.
Thank you in advance for any help. BTW, can I get notifications to make responding timely a bit easier?

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