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Need help with Flexbox grid and flex child styling

Hi guys

I just finished a portfolio website for a friend. I made use of flexbox for the videos and image portfolio.
All look and work well when testing responsiveness even in my android phone.
The problem displays is in the iphone, (stacked images) at least my friend’s iphone and his wife’s iphone too as you can see in the screenshots below

My friend see the problem under Safari and Google Chrome. both iphones are new and have installed the latest IOS. When seen on his iPad looks well.

The site is this so you may check and let me know if you see the same problem

If so, any idea about solving it??

Thank you guys!

Your site on iPhone I see the problem as well.

In your situation, you will have to set min-height for the items inside the flexbox.

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it looks like a cascade but the height seems to be normal.

Hi @GrafoWebCom, could you help to share the read-only link to the site ?, that will help to troubleshoot this much easier, thanks in advance.

Ok here it is


Hi @GrafoWebCom, this looks like a styling issue, not a bug. I am making up some styling instruction change for this, as there are a few styles to be modified in the structure.

Will get back to you asap.

Wow great! thanks.
I’ll wait

Hi @GrafoWebCom, check out some suggestions in this video, to get things looking right on the iOS view:

Let me know if this helps :slight_smile:


Wow!! Thanks a lot Cyber Dave
I will make the changes and let you know about it tomorrow morning.

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Hi CyberDave
Just to let you know that now it displays great thanks to your instrcutions.

Bye bye

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@GrafoWebCom Make sure to mark Dave’s post as the solution as to let the rest of the Webflow community know that your question has been resolved. :wink::+1:

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