Need Help with different colors of type within one paragraph

Hi, I would like to use different colors within one paragraph. Presently when I change the color of one word the color of the whole paragraph changes.

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Hello @kurt,

So your link to your read only site is not working. If you want to use different colors within one paragraph you need to select (highlight) the text you want to have a different color and select the wrap with span option, then you right click over the (wrap with span) text and select Add class, give the new class a name, and then select the color that you desire. I hope this helps.


@Pablo_Cortes is correct but I will say I found some quirkinesses sometimes and have to do it twice to get it to work. It could be me or just the designer.

Related to @Pablo_Cortes answer.

Add text element - create 3-4 classes.

.green --> Set font-color to green
.blue -> blue color
.red -> red color
And so on. Combine with swatches (Not mandatory). Remove this text-element.

Now add span with class of red.

Like this, it’s really easy to change colors for each span (Without any design change beside font-color) = DRY Approach.


Hi Pablo,
thank you for help and sorry for my late reply. What you suggested worked fine – only where you write select “Add class” I only had the option of creating a combo class but that worked perfectly.

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for me it works according to Pablo’s suggestion now – when I create a combo class. Best, K.

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Hi Ezra,
thank you for this very nice approach :slight_smile:
Best, Kurt