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Need help with custom form script

Hello Dave,
I need a quick help about the script linking on Forms. I have 2 scripts that I need to link on Message Form.


Those scripts should work when I hit the “Send Message” button on the form script and I want it to
work inside webflow. I know I would going to link the “script” code but I need help how and where.

Paste your custom scripts in Site Settings > Custom Code > Footer Code.

<script src="http://ourserver/sitename/content/js/notify.min.js"></script>
<script src="http://ourserver/sitename/content/js/messaging.js"></script>

I already tried. but nothing happens. When you hit submit you will be able to receive a confirmation text.
here I made a link to the form:

Sorry, we are unable to help with 3rd party customizations. Please contact a developer.

Ok thanks, we just link it to our server.