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Need help with 3d transform

Hi I need an exact replica of example 2 on this page (the 3d layered effect)
If somebody can supply a standalone folder with all the necessary assets, html, scripts, css, images etc even just using the transparent svg layers from the webflow site, we’ll then swap them out for the ones we want to use.

Need this SUPER quick :smile:

Please email me cost and timeframe to
sean AT id10 DOT

yep, like that! Is it triggered on scroll like the example?

yes. interaction is triggered on the scroll.

Here another video… this time showing the scroll.

cool, you wanna let me know your email address?

sent you me pm.

here’s another video. it was either cars are women.

decided cars was the safest choice.

Public Link:

the size of the image will impact the rotate ratio.

the image webflow uses in their is about 3x4. my images 6/9.

also there seems to be missing parts in the webflow demo videos.

i can see why people are having problems learning about transforms :frowning: