Need help with 2nd slider

Hey Weblow community,

I need some help with adding content in my second slide, first slide is no problem but adding div’s row’s, collums etc. to my second slide is just not working.

Also if i switch my first slide to the 2nd slide in the navigator (so slide 1 becomes slide 2) the content disappears.

Would love to have some help / input!




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You don’t have a second slide. If you are new to webflow, this should help.

You are right, that is because i was ‘working’ on it, i probbally removed it.

Now i added them again (the slides) as you can see the added content gets moved under the slider, next to the about section

Do you mind having a look again?


Hi @MichaelS

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The Slide element should no other style setting than the Inline Block. Remove ALL styling from the slides and it will work as expected. Then you can put the divs inside the slides and style those how you want.

Also, your images are stretching which looks terrible. To stop them stretching, give them a defined width, such as 500px, but choose auto for the height (actually type it in the height box where the numbers go) that way the height of the image will stay relative to the width.

Hope that helps.


Hey there @magicmark

It worked like you explained! Thank you!

Thank you for your advice on the images.

Time to bookmark this post :wink:

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Solved: Video by @PixelGeek : Screen Recording 2018-04-30...