Need help to remove Login Logout module from this website template

Hi Everyone

As a student, I am currently working on editing a Webflow template for a project. However, I am facing some challenges with removing the login/logout and account setup module from the template.

I am reaching out to ask if anyone has experience with modifying Webflow templates and would be willing to provide some guidance or assistance. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and support.

Hi @Parth_Parekh,

Once you click on the Users icon on the left pane of the designer, those pages get created automatically.

To get rid of them, I can only suggest creating a new project and not clicking on the Users Icon on the left pane again.

those are bydetfault in the template
I dont understand what to do !

@John_Asare is right- if Memberships is enabled, there is no way to un enable it. Even support apparently cannot, though you could ask. Same is true for ecommerce.

If you are talking about some kind of different login/logout pages though, e.g. a template that was designed for Memberstack, you can just delete them.

We’re working blind here though as you have not shared your project read-only link, so all we can do is guess.