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Need help replicating a custom toggle function

If you scroll a bit down to the area where the toggle switches are, I am trying to replicate that in Webflow.

I can’t figure out how to display the data in that way, any ideas on how to build something like that?

Riley, wouldn’t it be just overlapping div blocks that are connected to the switch. And if the numbers need to change could you just use a Collections list to change the numbers and have them spaced properly?

I see it all in my head, but you are a wizard and should be able to figure it out? Unless the data would be coming in from another source?

Ohhh this is interesting. I wasn’t thinking of utilizing the CMS.

Hmmm. How would you add the numbers from different switches?

Hmmmm. My only thought, without actually doing this, would be to create numerous one line collection lists and have them layered on top of one another an then use interactions to connection them all. So when you turned the switch on it will be viewable and when not on it would not be viewable. lol

@rileyj_s do you have a project in mind for this already? If you do add Share link and I can play with it later.

Yes. I’ll DM you the share link.

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