Need help making my mobile screens responsive

Hello! I am trying to make my mobile screens responsive for my projects, but I’m having difficulty with fixing the grids. Any help would be great, thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Katie's Portfolio Site

Are you talking about the issue with the Grid layout? You just have to edit it for other viewports.

You second section has a grid which is a good working example, you can duplicate and use the same thing or get the idea from that.

Just to be sure, are you looking for professional help (someone to work on your site)? Or just some instructions?

I just need instructions! When I edit it for other screens like for mobile, it changes the one for desktop so I’m a bit confused on how to fix that. Thank you!

As I said your second section has a grid which is good example.

And about changes between screens/breakpoints, if you style on Desktop it will be applied for all the breakpoints below. Similarly for smaller screen, changes will be applied to the smaller breakpoints, it doesn’t go up.

Note: if you add larger breakpoints (larger than Desktop), then styles changes go up not down.