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Responsive layout help

I have grids that look great on desktop but unfortunately, I don’t know how to make these responsive.
The grids and elements are all over the place on iPad and mobile. Please help me to layout the correct elements as well as correct information to make these look good on mobile too.
When I rearrange on the mobile breakpoint, desktop changes.
Please could you help with this? I’m fairly new

Thank you guys!

I’d be happy to add someone skilled as a collaborator to help me :smiley:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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It doesn’t look too bad from here.

You got a bit of a mess with your Sticky Nav and Div Contact Container and Section 3.

Take a look at the Navigator and see if you can reorder things (and change some of the setting) to clean things up a bit.

Take it slowly, but it shouldn’t be too complicated.

Looks like you have a few extra divs and things in there that need deleting too